Five Fave Easy Wardrobe Pick-Me-Ups

Looking good and feeling on point is probably my favorite past time. When you’re feeling yourself, even walking down the street gets you pumped. (It doesn’t hurt if you’ve got headphones and the right soundtrack to help this process.) Here are my favorite wardrobe pick-me-ups. For me these are the best (and mostly easy) things to add to your wardrobe or look to up your strut.

Jeans that FIT

Good denim has been one of my guiltiest pleasures for a long time – unfortunately, ten years ago, that meant spending way too much money on jeans that were actually more spandex than denim. Thanks to the return of mom jeans and the rigid high waist they bring with them, true denim is back. Find one fit that works for you and wear it into the ground (or, for me at least, until your figure and friction wear through the inner thighs because I STILL haven’t found any denim that can beat my legs in this department. If you have unlocked that magical product, TELL ME NOW.)

GOOD jeans will make you feel like a superstar because you can do whatever you want in them. They balance sleek lines and a tried-and-true material with actual live-ability. Trends be damned – when contemporary fashion tries to bring the skinny back, I’m sticking with these mom jeans and their belly-button waistlines.


Killer Sunglasses

Nothing makes you channel your inner celebrity like a pair of big ole sunglasses, and I can’t recommend this accessory enough. Whether you bite the bullet and invest in a designer pair (TK Maxx, anyone?) or buy a cheap expendable pair from your favorite shop full of festival wear, good shades are simply the shit.

They let you eye up the general public and people watch guilt free. They cover the biggest eye bags and are the perfect substitute for bothering to do your makeup. If the only other thing you’re rocking are those jeans I mentioned and a white tee, power shades will transition you from regular to rock star.


Red Nail Polish

I know that beauty treatments are all too often the territory of the upper classes, but if there’s one habit I can recommend you commit to, it’s a cheap manicure. The best deal I’ve found here in central London will cost you £16. Alternatively, I highly recommend investing in one good red nail polish and rocking that DYI self care. The bottle will last you ages, the beauty-feel boost is well worth it, and if nothing else, the pun-filled names of your favorite shades will almost always brighten your day.

You can say a lot with what red you pick – there are deep don’t-fuck-with-me scarlett reds, funky orangey-poppy reds, lady-of-the-garden-party pinky-reds. You name it, there’s a shade of red for it, and it’ll make you feel like you can take on the world.


Statement Watch

Watches are a dying breed, and half of the people that bother to wear one have gone the way of the smart watch. I’m going to be the rebel in the back and suggest/shout at you that rather than throwing half your rent at another Apple product, you opt instead for a traditional, old-school mechanical watch. You don’t have to go full traditional and buy a wind-up, but based on how often I get compliments on my chunky, trusty, goldie, you can’t go wrong with the beautiful face of a watch with mechanical hands.

This is another one that you can find at every price range, and your average bystander won’t know the difference. Sure, the real richies and timepiece enthusiasts will know what you’re repping, but most people will just notice the statement itself. Traditional watches also up your class factor – you don’t realize how much more sleek it is to check your wrist for the time instead of pulling out your phone until you live it firsthand.


  • Department Stores – they have the best variety, and I honestly prefer individual look over particular brand
  • That being said, I’ve been rocking a Marc by Marc Jacobs for about five years and I just checked out their current selection: Marc’s still got it

Not Giving A Fuck

This one is the best but the toughest, because while it’s the only one that doesn’t run the risk of breaking the bank, a lot of the time it can be obnoxiously finicky and hard to find. But this is the best thing to up your swagger. I find that getting the little things together are what makes me the most confident – the other four on this list are the best head-start I can advise.

The truth, though, is that what gives you the confidence to really not give one is different for everyone, and it is 100% worth doing the self work to figure out what you need to get there. It’s not always going to be as easy as a LIT pair of sunglasses or vintage high-waisted jeans – but once you find it, I can guarantee it’ll never go out of style.

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