Viv + Kit is the not-quite-a-newsletter you never knew you needed! We currently boast three types of content:

Weekly Blogs

Posted on Fridays, our Weekly Blog is designed to feel like sitting down to a cup of coffee with a friend. Less intense and structured, more fun and thoughtful, these posts are based around the real life findings of our contributors. At the moment, that’s mostly just me, Kathy. Hi.

Daily Faves

It’s all in the name. Daily Faves are hand-picked by our contributors from a variety of categories: fashion, film, beauty, home decor, and more! If we dig it and we feel like getting our listicle on, a Daily Fave post is usually the result.

Short Fiction & Essays

Literary by nature, we decided Viv + Kit should have a resident home for fresh short fiction pieces and essays. We also accept submissions and excerpts, so get in touch at if you’d like to submit. †

Got Questions?

We got answers! Get in touch below or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.