Great(ly Misplaced) Expectations

A true-story essay on balancing expectation against reality / that really thrilling post-college moment when you realize you have to figure some things out yourself, and your degree probably won’t help you as much as you think. The most enduring romantic comedies are the ones that start out as relatable and end with the impossible,Continue reading “Great(ly Misplaced) Expectations”

Five Fave Easy Wardrobe Pick-Me-Ups

Looking good and feeling on point is probably my favorite past time. When you’re feeling yourself, even walking down the street gets you pumped. (It doesn’t hurt if you’ve got headphones and the right soundtrack to help this process.) Here are my favorite wardrobe pick-me-ups. For me these are the best (and mostly easy) thingsContinue reading “Five Fave Easy Wardrobe Pick-Me-Ups”

My Complicated Relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow

Sitting poolside at a stately home in the English countryside is probably not the best place to write this post. The sun is glowing across the grounds, I’ve got a gin and tonic, I’m fresh from a flower bouquet workshop, and I’m doing an excellent job pretending I don’t ever have to go back toContinue reading “My Complicated Relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow”

Lot 432

I don’t really believe all things happen for a reason (I do). But when seemingly unrelated events/moments/ideas coincide, I’ll pick up that old tried-and-vaguely-true mantra and preach to anyone within ten feet of me that fate is a thing that really pulls life together (and apart). Like, for instance, when the two ideas I’ve beenContinue reading “Lot 432”

Emotional Listerine

Last night, one single Watermelon Margarita and Pornstar Martini in, a friend and I decided that when it comes to relationships, the term “palette cleanser” doesn’t come close to the level of reset needed come the end of a truly bad partnership. Two months, two years – when you’ve been dealing with someone for whomContinue reading “Emotional Listerine”

Matilda: 12th Century Feminist

One night last October, Drunk Me did Future Me a favor and spontaneously booked an overdue trip to Oxford for the following morning. (There are worse drunk decisions to make, I’m sure.) The forecast said light rain from 10am through the evening; the reality was a luminous fall day that alternated between broken clouds, brightContinue reading “Matilda: 12th Century Feminist”