Three Fave Books Right Now

Need a new companion for your daily commute? We’ve got you covered in three very different directions. Americanah – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie I picked this book up on a whim at Foyles and didn’t realize until I was halfway through that I had encountered a clip from a Ted Talk by author Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieContinue reading “Three Fave Books Right Now”

Three Fave Underrated Chick Flick Leads

Fine, not all of three of these gals are the leads – you got me. But you can leave that negativity at the front door and read on anyway, because I assure all three women are worth watching. Loretta Castorini – Moonstruck (1987) Cher is an icon. So you’d think it would be impossible forContinue reading “Three Fave Underrated Chick Flick Leads”

Five Fave Easy Wardrobe Pick-Me-Ups

Looking good and feeling on point is probably my favorite past time. When you’re feeling yourself, even walking down the street gets you pumped. (It doesn’t hurt if you’ve got headphones and the right soundtrack to help this process.) Here are my favorite wardrobe pick-me-ups. For me these are the best (and mostly easy) thingsContinue reading “Five Fave Easy Wardrobe Pick-Me-Ups”